William Weathers

I’m a front edge baby boomer (‘47) who grew up in rural Kentucky not knowing anything about the breadth of my heritage. I played trombone and piano in school, still play piano. I became a Bluegrass banjo player and lots of the tunes really struck deep, so I’ve enjoyed looking into their origins. Brushed elbows with Irish music when the band I played in got a weekly date at The Plough and the Stars in San Francisco. A little later became close friends with a brother of The Dady Brothers, had the privilege of picking with them at Mulligan’s in Rochester. But I got well and truly seduced by the fiddle, partly through playing with some fine fiddlers and partly from taking one of my sons, Pete, to a couple of Mark O’Connor camps years ago. Amazing good fortune, maybe synchronicity, led to a wonderful reunion with a roommate of forty-plus years ago, name of Jerry, who introduced me to a bunch of tunes and to The Session. In those 40 years he’s become a terrific fiddler. I have to say, hearing for the first time a recording of Kevin Burke playing the Pigeon on the Gate/Lafferty’s/Morning Dew set gave me something like an out-of-body experience. Then, at a gathering of friends a few years ago in North Carolina, I played Castle Kelly and folks broke out dancing. Imagine it! I’m hooked. Really love what a great resource The Session is, so I’ve moved from lurker to member.