Dick B’s tune sets

The Banks Of Spey, Brenda Stubbert’s.

T: The Banks Of Spey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
"Am"[A,2E2A2] A>B A>Bc>e|"G"d<c B>A {A}G2 G2|"Am"[A,2E2A2] A>B A>Bc>d|e>cde "C"g2 ~g2|
"Am"a>ge>c d<e g<a |"G"e<g g>B G2 GB | "Am"A<E A>B c>de>g|"G"e<d Tc>B "Am"{B}A2Ac|]
"Am"A<E A>c A<E A>c|"G"~B>cdB ~G2 GB|"Am"A<E A>c A<E c>d|"C"e>cde g2~g2|
"Am"a>g e<c dega |"G"e<g g>B G2 GB|"Am"A<E A>B c>d e<g |"G"e<d Tc>B {B}A2 A2|]
T: Brenda Stubbert's
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:B|"Am"A/A/A (BA) GAAB|"Am"A/A/A (BA) "C"edde|"G"G/G/G (BA) BGGB| "C"c2 (BA) BGGB|
"Am"A/A/A (BA) GAAB|"Am"A/A/A (BA) "C"edda|"G"gedB GABd|"Em"e2 (dB) "Am"eAA:|
|:B|"Am"A/A/A a2 A/A/A g2| "Am"Aage "C"ageg|"G"G/G/G (BA) BGGB| "C"c2 (BA) "G"BGGB|
[1"Am"A/A/A a2 A/A/A g2| "Am"Aage "C"agea| "G"gedB GABd|"Em"e2 (dB) "Am"eAA:|
[2"Am"A/A/A (BA) GAAB|"Am"A/A/A (BA) "C"edda|"G"gedB GABd|"Em"e2 (dB) "Am"eAA|]