Fiona Webb

Hello, I’m Fiona. I come from a little market town, Faversham in Kent. I started playing penny whistles about 25 years ago and co-hosted a session in my home town for about 15 years. I also played in a number of bands and would be out gigging in one form or another, sometimes four nights a week. I became ill with ME in 1999 and lost the skills (just about broke my heart). However, I’m considerably better now and I’ve started playing again and have set up a new Irish Session here. I have family who live in Ballydehob in County Cork and I learned a vast number of tunes whilst visiting over the years. There was a time, before the ME struck, that playing my whistles was like breathing to me. I’m longing to get back to that again. The only way I know how to do this is to get back out there and just play.