Delighted to find this site! I am in California, been practicing pennywhistle on & off for years strictly for my own enjoyment. I don’t play well, but I do have fun! Recently joined a community choir for seniors (as in elders) and became frustrated with not being able to read the music of our song sheets. (All my learning has been by ear.) So I’m taking a course online at University of Edinburgh in Fundamentals of Music Theory. It’s pretty involved for a newcomer like myself, but not impossible.

Have discovered that my pennywhistle skills have improved remarkably (in my opinion, of course!) Am now ready to find tutorials AND look at sheet music without being at a total loss. Would love to find other whistle players here in the San Francisco Bay Area and practice. Also want to learn more Irish and/or Celtic tunes, so am very glad to have found this site!! Thank you to everyone who has posted a midi file - and I love the idea of being able to keep track of tunes in an ABC file.

PS I also own & dabble in recorder, guitar, accordian, dumbeg, hummel and any other instrument I get my hands on. Am a rank beginner in all of these, but if I can pick out a tune I’m happy!