Brian Dickson

Scottish born, I picked up my first guitar at age 17. Greatly influenced by The Corries, Archie Fisher and Dougie MacLean I became an avid folk club participant stepping for the first time onto an open mike stage as part of a trio we were all 17 and three chord magicians, and not much has changed for myself. (Have capo will find you.)
15 years of Folk Club organizing and performances (in Ontario,) I developed a solo act reflecting my roots and influences. Now I have snow on the roof and I travel around the country in a motorhome following my wives Travel Nurse career. As we travel, for the most part, I have been participating in open sessions, although I just played a solo house concert in Kauai. FYI: I kinda stacked the deck with that concert inviting my musician friends from Kauai’s only traditional Irish group Whiskey-O to bring their instruments and jump on any song they knew. It turned out pretty well, I know one person that had a great time……. me!
So I play my 6 string finger style & thumb strum, I fill the gaps with continental harmonica’s on neck brace, again FYI these double sided and reeded harmonica’s offer me the keys of C/G D/A and B/F and finally I play Bohdran although I don’t have the proper wrist thing going for me.
If I have strength it’s my vocals, strong in voice I have approximately a two and a half octave range, when not the lead vocal I LOVE filling in harmony parts.

I would love to sit in with organized ‘Session’ groups, or jam with other performers just for the joy of the music. Yes I still have my accent, I know you want to ask.
I look forward to your reply.