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James Doyle MA, Emsweg 10, D-48268 Germany 11.09.2014

Hallo Session,
I’m a 75 year old pensioner originally from Dublin, marooned in Westphalia and have started playing the accordeon again. Chan eil a lan Gaeilge agam anois, ach tha beagan Gaidhlig na hAlba agam a nis, oir an robh mi air an Oil-Tigh ann an Alba!

I studied at 4 Scottish universities and I used to go regularly to the Auchtermuchty accordeon and fiddle club, but Jimmy Shand never came, although you could ring him on the phone and without asking he would give a tune on the box! Marvellous man indeed.
I used to go to Bobby Crowe’s Cupar acc & fidd club years ago, and I was at the very last meeting of the Guardbridge acc& fiddle Club on 02.06.1993 with Wayne robertson & David cunningham Jr.

Now I’ve taken up the box again, and I heard Willie Hunter again on RTés Ceol Binn O na Beanna playintg Carnival march, Sands O Murness and the Kiwi Reel.

Since registering first, I have downloaded some 80 tunes from Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton, Scotland & N0rthumbria and discovered other piping databases such as Ceol Sean.

There are recordings of dance music on the Internet by the Dundee fiddler John Ellis (RIP 2015), but I have difficulty in finding the tune names, since the cassettes usually only show the dance names. He did use some Irish tunes.

Musically marooned in the Germanic deserts,

leis gach durachd
In advance go rai bh mile maith agat / Moran taing,
yours sincerely,

James Doyle

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