I grew up in Tullow, Co. Carlow, Ireland. In 2009, at the age of 21, with the hit of the recession I ended up moving to Australia. Spent a year on a big cattle station in western QLD where I met the better half, and we now live on the Sunshine Coast. Music was always in the family. Daddy has 11 sibling with most of them able to play a tune, hold a vocal note, or resight a poem or two. Daddy mastered the accordion and now plays in the local pub in Rathvilly of a Thursday. His brother plays guitar and sings in a few famous pubs in Galway City every weekend, Taaffes and Barr na Halla, accompanied by a fiddle and accordion. Myself, I started learning the guitar by ear at the age of 12, aiming towards bands like Radiohead, Nirvana, Metallica, Green Day etc. Played in a couple of bands in school for shits and giggles. As I grew older and wiser I got big into the likes of Christy Moore, Paul Brady…and later again more into blues like Eric Clapton etc. After seeing the band "Sasta" playing in Brisbane one Sunday afternoon I listed to Tommy play the tenor banjo like a bloody pro. I was amazed with the sound of it having never had much exposure to a banjo, yet alone talent like that. It was decided - I had to get one. After about 3 years of trying to stash some money away and looking for a decent one, I figured out I was going to have to get one from home. Regis (the uncle in Galway) is very good friends with Tom Cussen of Clareen Banjos, and after a chat with him over the phone one night he said he’d put me in touch with Tom. Well, you couldn’t find a nicer fella to deal with. After the missus raising some funds for my birthday last year I put the rest together and finally got to ordering one. I organised a skype session with Tom one night in January 14, where he played a few different banjos to help me pick one out. I left the choosing mostly to his capable hands and within a few weeks I had a knock on the door from a delivery guy with a very crafty looking Clareen Special Tenor. The craic was 90!! Have been trying to pick it up since, but with being sent away for work a good bit this year it’s hard to find the time! So I’ve come here to try and find some inspiration, tabs, or advice of any kind!