tunebook 1 tune.

Just left my 20s and rediscovered ITM … I play the tin whistle …playing in a group, I haven’t been to sessions for a while.

I live in Sydney. One of these days I will get a flute so I can play tunes with accidentals, but until then love the whistle, modest as it is.

I started learning about six years ago? (Mists of time). I was wandering past a pub in Sydney (not there any more) called the Thurles Castle, heard this sensational music, and hooked I was. The ITM community in Sydney sponsors musicians from Ireland to come out and give lessons. So I learnt my first tunes from Michelle, County Navin (sp?). Helped that I had a crush on her, but that’s another story.

She threw me in the deep end with my second tune being "The Kid on the Mountain", and I still have an abiding love of the slip jig.