Niall Mansfield

Have just being reading some comments about hand style bodhran playing. None of the players I have heard or seen seem to be getting the full potential from there drum, They all seem to be held at a point where they can’t improve any further,I hope to explain how to get much more enjoyment from your drum, The method I use is based on 47 years playing and observing the hand style of good players"which are very few" The most common problem lies in the way the drum is held ,if playing hand style ,there is no need to place your left hand flat on the inside of the skin, This way of playing originated in the late 60s early 70s to try and quieting loud bodhrans at sessions,The bodhrans then had no tensioners , and in time. this way of playing developed into the most cmmon method of allow a comfortable movement at the left hand,the origional cross wires were removed and the drum held on the left knee and tucked under the left arm, To play good hand style the bodhran is held centre chest using cross wires covered with something soft for your grip ,the Lh holds the cross piece with the point of the thumb placed directly agalnst the skin,this allows a great amount of movement for tone changes,