Anna Sellars’s tune sets

The Old Copperplate, The Corner House, The Jolly Tinker.

ABC sheet music
T: The Old Copperplate
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A2 EA cAAe|aged cAFA|G2 DG BGBd|gedc BAGB|
A2 EA cAAe| aged cAGB|ABcd efge|aged cA A2 :|
ageg a2 eg|aged cA A2| gfef g2 ef|gfge dBGB|
ageg a2 eg|aged cAGB|ABcd efge|aged cA A2 :|
T: The Corner House
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|: EAAG ABcd | e2dB cAAG | EGGF G2AB |
cABG AGED |EAAG ABcd | e2af gedB |
d2Bd efge |1 dBGB A2AG :|2 dBGB A2Bd ||
|: eaag a2ga | bgab gedB | d2Bd edBd |
(3efg fa gdBd |eaag a2ga | bgab gedB |
d2Bd efge |1 dBGB A2Bd :|2 dBGB A2AG ||
T: The Jolly Tinker
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A3B G3B|A2af gedB|A2BA G3B|dBGB d^cdB|
A^GAB =G3B|A2af gedB|A2BA GFGB|dBGB d2 Bg||
edef g2ef|geag {a}gedg|edeg a2e(a|~a2)bg aged|
(3B^cd ef g2e(g|~g2)af gedg|edeg a2e(a|~a2)bg aged||
ea{b}ag egdg|ea{b}ag egdg|ea{b}ag efge|dBGB d2 Bd|
e ~a3 e ~a3|e ~a3 egdg|ea{b}ag efge|dBGB d2 Bd||
edgd edBd|edgd e2 (3Bcd|edgd eg{a}ge|dBGB d2 Bd|
edgd edBd|edgd e2 (3Bcd|edef gfge|dBGB dgfg||
eA (3AAA edBd|edef g2fg|e ~A3 efge|dBGB d2 Bd|
eA (3AAA edBd|edef g2fg|ea{b}ag efge|dBGB d2 dB||