Jarek (Yarek) Zelinski

tunebook 243 tunes.

tune sets 37 sets of tunes.

bookmarks 20 bookmarks.

I play the whistles (have F, G, A, Bb, B, C, C#, D, Es, E), Irish flute key-less simple system (D), jew’s harp as well. Generally, I play as a sideman (accompanies soloists and singers), I improvise. I Prefer trad. Scottish songs, slow airs, slip jigs, e.t.c 🙂.

I grew up in Poland since 2000 I have been playing Celtic music as a hobby, more and more often Scottish. I have been based in Aberdeen since August 2020. You can also find me on sessions in Glasgow (during Celtic Connection), Edinburgh (during Yarn Festival), and occasionally in other places, see my travels around Scotland 🙂….

See you 🙂
[my webpage http://ethnotrans.fun/]