Woadface Jon

tunebook 4 tunes.

We have been following the individual currently known as Woadface Jon since 1981 and have made the following observations.

The subject had a rather normal if music-filled childhood and youth. He was influenced early on by classical composers and later on bluegrass and country. However, he did not begin to learn an instrument until he was 14yrs old. After 1 1/2 yrs of piano, his teacher continued supplying shoddy music instead of the trad music he sought after. He quit the lessons and didn’t play anything until the age of 18 when he was foolishly introduced to the pennywhistle. He promptly discarded all the instruction books and got comfortable with the instrument. He went to Scotland to learn Gaelic and Scottish Trad. When he came back a year later, his attempts to fit into the local session proved futile. He played highland tunes, they played Co. Clare. ’nuf said. He has not yet repented from this path. He is now in a band with his dad, his old-tradition minded brother, and a session player who thinks W.J. is cool.

The subject has been known to use a strange accent from time to time, usually when under pressure. He tends to be annoyingly objective when not the subject of scrutiny. His sense of humor is a mix of obscure and shock-factor, with tendencies to make up new words for any situation.

Current profession(s) Gaelic and whistle teacher

activities: music, wordplay, Final Fantasy
instrument: varies
time of day: evenings
socks: black with the reinforced heel-thingies.