David McGraw

tunebook 9 tunes.

Hi. I’m in Denver, Colorado USA and aspire to some day be session worthy.

I’ve been messing around on guitar for over 15 yrs. I also play a bit of c6 Lap Steel and Uke. I recently took an Irish Guitar Accompaniment class with Peter Sheridan at Swallow Hill Music School and it has been an real (reel?) inspiration. He taught me some basic Irish tunes and rhythms… Out on the Ocean, Galway Girl, Twice Daily, Farewell To Carlingford, Raglan Road, The Kesh Jig, The Wise Maid, Mary Mack, Black Velvet Band, Brennan On The Moor, Jug of Punch, The Humours Of Tulla, the Wild Rover, Tripping Up The Stairs…

I also play The Parting Glass, The Rising of the Moon, Rosemary Fair, Whiskey in the Jar, Rocky Road to Dublin and Heather on the Moor (for my wife Heather!) I learned these tunes from Danny Carnahan’s Irish Songs for Guitar and it was a fun introduction to Drop D and DADGAD.

I guess most of what I know are pub tunes arranged for solo guitar. I don’t know if I can play well with others.

Guitar probably isn’t right (or welcome) in a strict session so I’ve also started playing Mandolin (KM-254) in the last few months - learning through Greg Horne’s "Mandolin Method" and Marcy Marxer’s "Mandolin for Guitar Players" on Truefire. This instruction is mostly Bluegrass based so I’ve also added Doc Rossi’s "ASAP Irish Mandolin" and Anthony Warde’s "Learn to Play the Irish Mandolin" DVD.

The new jig and reel time signatures sparked more interest in rhythm playing so when my fingers hurt, I switch over and annoy Heather with a (Michael Vignoles) bodhran. Michelle Stewart’s Bodhran Expert website has been really helpful. I even play the bones while on the treadmill to make it less boring. New instruments, new techniques and new tunes for the new year. Where is all this going? I’m not really sure. I am practicing hard and making progress toward something that is yet to be revealed. I hope to learn more tunes and soon be playing well with others. Cheers.