Charlie Pig’s tune sets

79th’s Farewell To Gibraltar, The Atholl Highlanders, Scotland The Brave.

T: 79th's Farewell To Gibraltar
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
c/d/|e>f ec|A>B Aa/g/|fe/c/ e/f/a/e/|cB Bc/d/|
e>f ec|A>B Aa/g/|fe/c/ e/f/a/e/|cA A:|
a|fe/c/ e/f/a/e/|f/a/e/c/ Ba|fe/c/ e/f/a/e/|fB Ba|
fe/c/ e/f/a/e/|f/a/e/c/ Ba|fe/c/ e/f/a/e/|cA A:|
c/B/|A>B ca|fe/c/ Bc/B/|A/B/c/d/ e/f/e/c/|fB Bc/B/|
A>B ca|fe/c/ Bc/B/|A/B/c/d/ e/f/e/c/|cA A:|
c/d/|e>f ec|e>f ea|f>e fa|fe/c/ Ba|
fe/c/ e/f/a/e/|f/a/e/c/ Ba|fe/c/ e/f/a/e/|cA A:|
T: The Atholl Highlanders
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:(3B/c/d/|e2 e e>cA|e>cA B>cd|e3 e>cA|B>cd c2 B|
e3 e>cA|e>cA B>cd|c<ae f>ed|c<dB A2:|
|:E|A>ce A2 e|A>df A2 f|A>ce A2 e|B>cd c2 B|
A>ce A>ce|A>df A>df|c<ae f>ed|c<dB A2:|
|:e|a2 e e>dc|a2 e e>dc|a>ee e>dc|BB/c/d c2 B|
a>ee e>dc|a>ee e>dc|c<ae f>ed|c<dB A2:|
|:A/B/|c>Ac c>Ac|d>Bd d>Bd|c>Ac c>Ac|B>=GB d>cB|
c>Ac c2 A|dB/c/d d>cB|c<ae f>ed|c<dB A2:|
T: Scotland The Brave
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A,D|D2 D3/2E/|FD FA|d2 d3/2c/|dA FD|G2 B3/2G/|FA FD|
E2 A3/2B/|(3ABA FE|D2 D3/2E/|FD FA|d2 d3/2c/|dA FD|
G2 B3/2G/|FA FD|E2 D3/2D/|D2 cd|e2 e3/2e/|ec A2|
d2 f3/2e/|dA FD|d2 dd|c2 dc|Bd cB|AG FE|D2 D3/2E/|FD FA|
d2 d3/2c/|dA FD|G2 B3/2G/|FA FD|E2 D3/2E/|D2||