While I have had the opportunity to benefit from the wonderful service you offer on occasion and accordingly, enjoyed playing various pieces of sheet music downloaded on my violin, I have not felt the need to join. Today, however, on essaying a search for the air “My Lagan love” I was concerned to see, on page 5 of the six pages of search results, some unfortunate inclusions, specifically for this search numbers 48 and 50, which, unless my understanding of the development of traditional Irish music in the recent past, is severely lacking can only be the result of thoughtless and malicious internet vandalism. The site monitors. should they be able to, might be concerned enough to prohibit “this sort of thing” to quote Father Ted, as I’m quite sure not all of those who use the site would welcome such listings being included in their search, particularly keeping in mind the possibility of younger players being exposed to this unnecessary nonsense. If for some reason, your search does not produce the same unpleasantness and you don’t know what I’m referring to. I have taken a screen shot and will send it to any appropriate site monitors email address on request.
Bart Cronin