Dan Dunlop

I am a retired Canadian army officer who plays acoustic guitar. My instrument of choice is Martin D28L that I purchased directly from the factory in 1968. I noodle in folk, blues, bossa nova, etc.
Looking for a new musical challenge, in March 2015 I decided to learn the tin whistle. I initially purchased a Sweetone D and a Generation C, then acquired Jerry Freeman’s Mellow Dog, a Bluebird (one of stalwarts) a tweaked Generation D, a tweaked Generation A, and a Blackbird C. I have since branched out to a Susato C, a Parks Bb, a Dixon Eb, a Holifield D, and Killarney’s in D and Eb. Yes, I have acquired the sickness…
Thanks to the wonder of Youtube, I have become acquainted with many fine players of both trad and contemporary styles, and marvel at the virtuosity of which this "simple" instrument is capable. While I have no delusions of achieving that level of competence, I am enjoying the journey and have found "The Session" to be an invaluable resource.
I look forward to participating as a member of this forum.