Gary Vogt

I am from Milwaukee Wisconsin. My main instrument is piano. I write record and sing my own material. My Grandfather came to the USA in The early 1900’s as a trades men. Working in formed ans cast stell.
He purchased the Mandolin. which he handed down to me in 1918 (I believe).My father and mother can to the states after he was settled in Milwaukee. My father played the violin, set it down for his passion(.Football). He was a All American.,and lead Marquette to there final victory over The University o Wisconsin.
My grandfather lost his wife Sara at a young age, and devoted his spare time to playing the madolin, smoking cigars, and making apple strudel from his apple tree in the back yard .
I just recently had the mandolin restrung and a slight separation connecting the top with one of the corner sections. I must say it has a full beautiful sound. I have toyed with the idea of picking the instrument up myself, I do love some of the music I have heard mixing/flock mountain ans country.
And it so suitable for hitting the road, now that I am retired. WE shall see what future days have in store for me and my grandfathers mandolin
sincerely Gary Vogt..11 Varick Street NY,NY 10013 .