David Hastie

My name is David Hastie and I play whistles (D and C) and simple system flute in D (made by George Ormiston). I started playing about 12 or 13 years ago and learnt my first instrument, the D whistle with SCaT (Scottish Culture and Traditions) in Aberdeen. Kenny Hadden was my last teacher (Hi, Kenny) before I moved to Denmark where I played with a band called ‘Ribe Spillemandslaug’ which means ‘Ribe Players Guild’. I was with them for 6 years and then we moved to France where I play with a group called ‘Les Toques du Tempo’ which means ‘the craziness of the beat’. So, a big hello to those in and around Aberdeen in Scotland, Ribe in Denmark, and my new friends in and around La Rochelle, France. You can some pictures on both the Ribe Spillemandslaug and Les Toques du Tempo websites. Just google the names. If you have any bother, send me a message. Slainte.