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tunebook 70 tunes.

I live in San Francisco and my “local” is the Plough & Stars Pub. I’ve been hosting and attending sessions there since 1985. I’m totally obsessed with ITM but I haven’t a clue why… except that it’s great music.

The tune data base is the best feature here for help in tracking down tunes and exploring settings and provenance. The session database might give you a start on finding sessions too, but there will be many great sessions that would avoid being listed here. Word of mouth is still your best bet.


If you want to know any more… I have a website at:

Here’s some mp3 files of me playing:

Concertina: Eel In The Sink / Limerick Lasses
Fiddle: Dale Russ
Guitar: Junji Shirota
recorded in 1998

Flute: The Road to Garrison / John Kelly’s / John Brady’s
Fiddle: Kevin Bernhagen
Guitar: Richard Mandel
recorded in 2004


The band was featured on an NPR program called, The California Report, in a spot titled, “An Irish Music Postcard” that features the three of us playing for set dancers and talking about the music at the local pub, and you can hear me playing whistle at one of the sessions as well. Here’s the link.


Here are some original tunes I submitted:

The Irish Wristwatch:

The Looking Glass:

The Hobby Horse:

Spurlock’s Half-Century Reel:

The Green Bridge:

The Seven Sisters:

The Golden Monocle:

Caught in the Middle:

The Misconception:

Why Were You Playing That?: