day-glo pirate

tunebook 9 tunes.

Repositioning myself within the marketplace as to project a more positive demographic within the establishment….oops wrong persona. Ray Mariani is me name and I am just an old piano box player who is just learning to play ITM. I live in northern Colorado and have been attending slow & fast sessions in the area. It’s good to be playing accordion again after an 8 year absence. competed at the New England Music Competitions -(ATAM Accordion Teachers Association of Massachussets)…1972-74 1st place winner in "74 representing Falcetti’s Music in Springfield, MA.
Influences: Alan Kelly, John Williams, John Whelan,Joe Burke, Jackie Daly and Flook.

Hats off to Zina, Pete, Dirk and Mike also all my other friends @ the Small Circle Tune Learning group for their excellence in teaching and encouragement!!! (what a great find)

Also can play guitar in standard and DADGAD tunings and some tin whistle. Medieval & Renaissance music with the SCA; recorders and middle eastern drumming - (when I feel like dressing up in period clothing)…I was warned not to eat the paste in the 1st grade…but did I listen?