Dave Garland

Hi I’m Dave, I live in North London, I love the acoustic guitar and have been getting a little collection together over the last few years, since I got rejuvenated for pure acoustic. I play acoustic mostly but have a few electrics. I didn’t intend to start a collection, I was trying to find the ultimate acoustic guitar, and fidnt know very much at all at first. I started with some cheapish stuff, Tanglwwood & Crafter. Soon realised that Parlour guitars had an effect on me, and sounded special, plus the size suited me. One if my favourite’s is a Eastwood E20p, Adirondack/ rosewood, amazing sound, I have two Larrivee parlours, an early Maple back & sided one, 1984 & a 90’s rosewood, both superb quality instruments. I have two Martins. A 000-15sm, 12 fret all mahogany slot head, its nice & mellow. A recent addition is the 1984 O-16 new york, Martin anniversary year, a stunning little 12 fret, beautiful overtones, interestingly, was originally bought in Texas by Frailers. I have a couple of wooden resophonics a reasonably rare now, Busker cannon Parlour reso, and the American “double” imported by Republic guitars of Texas! But probably pride of place goes to my 1995 Lowden S10, small bodied but Big sounding, the Elixir 10’s on it are light but still sounds like 11’s, George Lowden, wot a dude. Fav electric is an old squire Hank Marvin Strat, bit beaten but plays like a sixties, second the Les Paul Trad goldtop with P90’s. Honk Honk. Few other bits n pieces, must say that the Faith electro eclipse? Cutaway is best value for money solid acoustic Ever! Love to all, Dave.