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  • Martin Malone

    I am 70 years old, retired computer engineer.

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  • Granny Smith

    I'm a retired granny in far-west Texas. I've "played with" (as in learning enough to enjoy playing without completely mastering them) a variety of different folk instruments through the years. I'm currently trying to teach myself hammered dulcimer.

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  • Ayla McDonald

    I'm an aspiring musician hailing from the session in Urbana, IL. I love to sing Irish, English, and Scottish folk songs and am trying to learn Gaelic for a deeper connection to the culture and music of my ancestry. My performance instrument of choice is...

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  • Elaine Jaross

    Hello world. I am from Annapolis Maryland and I play the flute, piano and vocal cords.

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  • Valmai Goodyear

    I help to run Lewes Saturday Folk Club in Lewes, Sussex, UK: I play mainly English tunes on an English-system concertina.

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  • Ernie Bailie

    I'm from Greyabbey Co Down, I play box and whistle a little, I listen to irish trad a lot and it seems

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  • Jeff Larson

    From Lakeville, MN

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  • Carol Harris

    I am a performer and a music teacher. I teach fiddle.. mandolin..guitar..uke and piano..I have one Tenor banjo student..

    joined 23 hours ago
  • Tullycar

    Multi-Instrumentalist on the Tyrone/Donegal border

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  • Mark Stephenson

    I'm from London and have recently joined a ceilidh band, I started on rhythm guitar but was loaned a bouzouki, I preferred it instantly. It sounds a lot more charming and its more fun to play melody on, now I just have to relearn chord shaped and change m...

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