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  • Cazcam2020

    Born in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. I now live in Kelso, Scottish borders. I played Trombone in a British Army band when I was younger, later on I started playing guitar in a rock band. After a break from playing music for a few years, I have j...

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  • emily carstens

    I play the penny whistle and I'm high key trash but would like to think I'm good.

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  • Aldon Sanders

    I was raised in Hawaii and now live in San Jose, CA. I play Hawaiian music on ukulele & sing for a living. I also play English concertina, pennywhistle, guitar, 4 string banjo (GDAE), fiddle, Boehm flute, and keyboard.

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  • Abacus Fletcher

    I play the fiddle....badly. working on that!

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  • Maggie Jusiel

    Piano tuner, music teacher, jack of all trades except more competent on flute.

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  • dkalley

    I reside in Carson City, Nevada and play whistle and flute.

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  • Kevin Clark

    I don't play but want to listen to music...

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