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  • Karin Klümper

    I' m from Germany (51 years old) and I play the fluete, recorder and tin whistle.

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  • J. Graham Driver joined 2 hours ago
  • Fiona Carolyn

    Fiddle, uke, guitar, keyboards in a riverside village on the Great Ouse.

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  • John Hamilton joined 4 hours ago
  • STDHAsuK joined 15 hours ago
  • Jig by the Sea

    Learning to play the fiddle and the harp.

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  • Aine Ni Nuallain

    I lived in london for forty years returned to IReland in 1998 - loved all the irish music and visited all the irish clubs with my husband Sean (NOW DECEASEd) I am originally from MAGERAFELT in Co Derry but married to a Westmeath man in Brixton LONDON - h...

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  • Eve Savage

    Thanks for letting me join, I seem to be a forever beginner on the D/G melodeon

    joined 22 hours ago
  • Robbie Freeman

    a 16 year old english boy, i play some mandolin grade 5 violin usually irish music, a little bodhran, tin whistle, Fife, ukelele, bass

    joined 23 hours ago
  • Rich Garcia

    Tampa, Florida, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Whistle

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