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  • Colleen Trantanella

    I play the fiddle, mostly Irish music

    joined 14 hours ago
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  • LWaterstripe

    Musician for Snowbelt Morris Dancers of Rochester, NY. Primary instrument is the pennywhistle.

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  • D. Robinson joined 17 hours ago
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  • Jeffrey Carley

    Calgary, Alberta. Play recorders, cello and tin whistles.

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  • SaoirseR joined one day ago
  • Jenn Vallot

    I have been playing around with whistles on and off for the past 10 years, but I am now dedicated to becoming more proficient a player.

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  • Ray_chester

    Learning fiddle for the past few years. Nirlw retired so no excuses for pack of practice.

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  • Connor Hood

    I'm an Iowan who plays mandolin and violin mostly. I've been playing Irish sessions for 15+ years. I also play jazz, choro and just about anything other than country/bluegrass.

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