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  • Brenda Campen

    I live on an island in Southeast Alaska. For many years I wanted to learn how to play a concertina, and two years ago a friend gave me his which he was not playing. It’s been a lovely adventure learning to play the English concertina and discovering s...

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  • carastisse

    I'm a beginning fiddler located in Minnesota, USA

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    I started learning violin and I am from Halifax, Canada

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  • Frank the Music Teacher

    I am primarily a recorder player, but I like to fool with many others, mostly winds. I live in Rhode Island, USA. I teach music at a school for people on the autism spectrum. I like bits of many types of music but often prefer Celtic folk, jazz, Renaissan...

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  • Martyn Neale

    Fiddle and Guitar. New Zealand.

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  • Napamel

    I play the Roland virtual accordion.

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  • Chris Muriel

    Manchester,UK. Play mainly 5-string banjo and guitar. Took up Celtic tunes because I wnated to more than just bluegrass and old time. (also play 5-string in 2 rock bands and a cajun band now).

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