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  • Al Szymanski

    Keizer , Oregon , USA. Play Mandolin , fiddle , mountain dulcimer and have started the small pipes ( and a few sundry others ) . Wife plays the Celtic / Lever Harp. I've lurked about here for a few years , and have greatly enjoyed the repository of tunes....

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  • Jamie Jordan

    Flute, whistle and bodhran player from Yorkshire

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  • DDD

    I have been playing the snare drum for about five years now and I have started Céilí drumming two years ago, I am also learning how to play the bodhrán and the concertina. I play in a pipe band and a céilí band.

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  • Skip McKinley

    Yes greetings to you all whoever you may be

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  • Stephen Pierrot

    I live in Victoria, BC, Canada, and I play cittern (primary), mandolin family, guitar, piano - presently playing with SilverWood (cittern, cello, flute, guitar)

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