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  • Sharon rae

    Originally from Sudbury, Ontario and now live in southern Ontario. I have been playing the fiddle for 7 years, but did play while in elementary school in the 1960’s. I am learning the cello ... very different , but I enjoy that!

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  • Stephen Pearl

    Wakefield, MA, violin, 73 year old beginner student

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  • Mikael Nykäsenoja

    I am from Sweden and I play the violin.

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  • Phil Sheppard

    Irish ancestors are from Youghal, County Cork, 1838-9. Emigrated to Australia.

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  • Hayley Perkins

    New harp player and Irish music lover 🙂

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  • PhysPeach

    Concertina: APJ

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  • Earth Balm

    From Wales, UK. I play acoustic guitar (mostly in alternate tunings), electric guitar and bass guitar.

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