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  • OwenMcG

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn…I play guitar in standard tuning, working on EAEDAD and building on my harmonica skills for trad tunes. Based in Philadelphia area and been playing a while–long enough to have 6 grandsons who I hope will get into Ir…

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  • JacquelineK

    Piano/guitar player from Tipperary

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  • Zaira Valenzuela

    Im from Mexico I work as a ballet pianist, and I need to learn many petit allegros for the clases.

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  • Claire Harrington

    I don’t play any instrument . I am trying to source Matt Cunningham’s set dancing music on disc. Caledonian: lancers and Kerry and sliabh luachr set dance music for a class!

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  • Rick Clark

    I am from Saint John New Brunswick Canada. I was President of the local chapter of Comhaltas for a number of years and ten years ago, attended the Lake School in Koroit. The instrument I play is the bodhran ( I know not another of those). We used to hav…

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  • rob ellen

    I’m 6 years on the road this side and stateside in 2 social media TV ready RVs the Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobiles, the Euroone is currently on our Celtic Fringe Stravaig in Donegal. Interested in attending sessions, broadcasting local independent art…

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  • Jim Feely Ritchie

    I’m from Scotland but of Irish heritage with a touch of Spanish

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