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  • Rui Feliz

    Hello all,

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  • Charlie Dodds

    From the Scottish Borders and learning to play the Alto Saxophone

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  • Pam Johnson

    I am rather new to Irish session music, but eager to learn how to play in the traditional style. I play fiddle and bodhrán.

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  • Kelly Tobin

    I’m trying to find out as much as I can about my grandad, who apparently sang in the pubs and clubs of London in the 1960’s.

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  • Peter Woodward

    From Northumberland, English concertina player

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  • Colin Crossey


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  • Thomas Fiedler

    71, from Germany, having played classical guitar, all kind of lutes and flutes (especially baroque traversos in D, thus very good for ITM) all my life since my youth, I took up again the fiddle, after a long intermission of 15 years, to pay my respect to ...

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  • Lynda Shaw

    I am from Fergus Ontario. I play piano, violin, cello, guitar. I am a music teacher and own a small retail music store.

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