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  • Donna GradyMoore

    From NC, learning to play Bowed Dulcimer, tuned DADD, taking lessons with Kenneth Bloom. I also play Mountain Dulcimer for 4 years. Enjoy waltzes and Irish music.

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  • Marianne Fraser-Stewart

    Scottish Highlands

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  • keynne

    Flute Irlandaise

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  • Malcolm Hills joined 4 hours ago
  • Tolis

    Low D

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  • walter.hof

    Mandolin, banjo, fiddle player. some experience with the first, garbage with the others.

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  • Slow Session Toulouse joined 6 hours ago
  • Michael Breen

    I am an Australian of Irish and Scot heritage. I have worked in education and as an organizational psychologist, but basically I am a humanist. At 85 I am still wondering what my life's work is. Discovered my Celtic heritage in my thirties, after a period...

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  • Leora Rohssler

    From Northern California. Play hammered dulcimer & piano.

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