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  • Tash McBain

    I'm a sax player from Melbourne, Australia.

    joined 3 hours ago
  • Suzabelle

    From the Rochester NY area. Older adult learner, began with fiddle 5 years ago, then added guitar, mandolin next.

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  • MGM4785

    Guitarist from NY

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  • KlazQRES joined 5 hours ago
  • DarrenLampon

    I’m from the UK, I play guitar well enough and a little mandolin.

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  • RichardC2

    Voice, Mandolin, Whistle, Bodhran

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  • Thorsten Kahlert joined 12 hours ago
  • sebastian suazo

    Hi, I'm from Chile, South America, I love Irish music, I play button accordion ten years ago

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