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  • Alan McCartney Jr.

    I'm Alan from Belfast Northern Ireland and although I am actually a country artist I also love to play Irish traditional music; I have toured and recorded Irish traditional guitar and also play the fiddle but the instrument I have settled on for my Irish ...

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  • yakndok

    I am a surgeon that has been playing any instrument I can get my hands on since high school. Following damage to my hands from chemotherapy I can no longer fret stringed instruments. I still operate with no issues but have converted back to playing woodwi...

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  • Eugenio Lipari

    I love Scottish dancing, which I do once a week

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  • jonathan lloyd

    Singer song writer, love playing irish sessions, play mainly guitar and alittel tenor banjo.

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  • Lotte Pollet

    I"m from Belgium, I play classical flute, with the ambition to lear folk tunes and the whistles.

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