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  • Philippe Figuiere

    Philippe and Joy : we are a French-American couple, living in France, and we come regularly to Ireland to enjoy the country, the people, the music, etc. etc. Philippe plays the guitare, Joy plays the piano and likes to sing.

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  • Caroline Elbay joined 2 hours ago
  • markbahnman

    Guitar, Ukulele, Piano

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  • Alistair joined 6 hours ago
  • Andrew T Smith

    Currently living in London ON, Canada. I have been playing the tin whistle, and low D whistle, for several years. Recently started learning the fiddle.

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  • Fiddle Tamiko

    Hi! I play the fiddle living in Japan.

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  • Ian Page

    I live in Oxford. I play English concertina, guitar, & bouzouki. Mostly I’m a singer of traditional and contemporary ‘folk’ (widely interpreted). Shanties a speciality!

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  • Jackie P

    A fairly new fiddle player looking to expand my repertoire and learn to play with others.

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  • Youna

    Hello My name is youna

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  • Emily Brecker

    I’m from Philadelphia PA and I play the harp.

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