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  • Isobel Liebman

    I play flutes and whistles. Play in a cosy little band with accordion and guitar.

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  • David Falcone

    Monterey Ca

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  • Bertrand Luçon

    Hi there,

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  • Jeriel Smith

    I’m originally from North Carolina but now live in New York City. I am a former classical violinist learning fiddle for the first time.

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  • Dan Gillespie

    I live in the Washington DC area. I play Scottish smallpipes, tin whistle and recorder.

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  • Maureens joined 14 hours ago
  • Frisio

    Musician and Music Teacher, Tin/Low Whistle, various Bagpipes, Bombarde, Guitar

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  • Jake Keane-Candib

    I have a classical background, but at this point in my life I prefer to play Irish/Scottish as well as Appalachian and American old-time folk tunes. I also love to play jazz standards. I mostly play with my dad, who plays guitar and piano.

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  • shepherdpoet

    Live in Alston, Cumbria, play the ten bell carillon at St Augustine’s parish church at least once a week, need lots of tunes that can be played on the ten bells, adapted and/or transposed

    joined 19 hours ago