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  • Damien Dunne joined 27 minutes ago
  • JimPotter

    From Bristol UK, play accordion, guitar, bass

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  • Wies Schaap joined 5 hours ago
  • Chris thefish

    From scotland. Play gtr, banjo, fiddle, upright bass, perc...

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  • David G H Macdonald

    Play guitar, whistle and sing. Outer Hebridean born and bread.

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  • JohnMunro

    I’m a physics and biology teacher from Chilliwack British Columbia. I have been playing whistle for about six months. Trying to master playing a low D after already making some good progress on high D.

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  • clippe

    I play the violin, tenor and alto saxaphone, piano, tonet(recorder), and drums.

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  • Gerhard Weydt

    enthusiastic about instrumental music, but mainly a singer

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  • Doug Blane

    Now based in Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

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