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  • Sally Pat O'Brien

    Native North Carolinian. Played classical violin until about three years ago when I got very interested in Celtic music and tracing my roots back to County Cork, Ireland. My goal is to be able to hold my own in a Celtic jam session. Really love how usefu...

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  • Somf076

    Percussionist with Poisoned Dwarf

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  • Karen Tomlin

    I live in Conestogo. I am a drummer and have recently started playing the Bodhran. Looking for opportunities/sessions to play.

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  • Talis Kimberley

    I’m a novice fiddler in the South of England, and I’ve been a songwriter and musician for thirty years. The fiddle has been a revelation and obsession and it has taught me so much.

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  • infamousfiddler

    Hello! I'm Amy and I live in Madison, Wisconsin. I play the fiddle!

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  • Pamela Jo

    I grew up in rural north Alabama singing and playing old country, gospel, and bluegrass music. Moved into jazz for a while during college. I have played guitar, ukulele, and bass most of my life. About 15 years ago I discovered Old Time music and picked u...

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