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  • Gladys Celtic Corner

    I play 'fiddle'... I have a Website which I devote to promoting Fiddle Music and providing Resources for Fiddlers. Website has Free Sheet Music, Midis, MP3S, Videos, Jam Sessions, Tune of the Month, Celtic Fiddling, Mixed Bag Fiddling and lots more at.....

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  • Allen Readinger

    I moved to Florida 4 years ago with my wife. I really enjoy Irish music. In the town where I live, there is a session that plays in a local pub every Tuesday and tonight I was able to have the extreme delight of meeting many of the musicians. I would r...

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  • Lauren McGovern

    Fiddle in the Ayrshire fiddle orchestra which I’ve recently just toured japan with!

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  • Steven Kingaby

    I live in Guildford, Surrey. I am a saxophone/flute player of many years but recently (two years) have turned to acoustic / folk / bluegrass / country / Irish Guitar - basically I am interested in anything 'acoustic roots'.

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  • Veronic

    I'm from Argentina. I play violin.

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  • Stephen Read joined 19 hours ago
  • Angela Hahn

    Cape Cod/Boston; mandolin

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  • Liz Mullan

    I play descant recorder and am looking for folk tunes to play, particularly gaelic tunes.

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  • medvieda

    Hi, my name is Martina.I am living in Warsaw but originally I am from Slovakia. I play on the accordion. I like dancing, doing sport. I like learning new thing.

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  • Sandy T.

    I'm a Michigander (Detroit area) trained as a vocal ed teacher - Began playing violin 10 yrs. ago.

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