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  • Gaylene Joe

    I am a classical music trained violinist exploring the world of Irish fiddling because my private students are interested in it. I have no clue about anything to do with it.

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  • Brian Lawrence Child

    Mainly Guitar and Ukulele. Just come back to folk after 50 years. Last known folk stomping ground, Thanet The Madrigal and others. Partnered by David Crago in those days. The folk group that currently puts up with me is The Castle online with Gavin and Ju...

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  • Patrick Mc Veigh

    From a Dundalk and learning the fiddle.

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  • Akradecki

    Alan Radecki, roasting in the Mojave Desert, intermediate mandolin, beginning bouzouki

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  • József Váradi

    I was classically trained on trombone. I played professionally for 10 years. I’ve since quit to become a Christian minister. I now have a new passion for historic folk music.

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  • RAllen

    Live in Indiana, play a Saltarelle Chaville 4-row and B/C melodeon, member of the riverrun country dance band.

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  • Tony yemm

    Tony Yemm, Inishowen Co Donegal, Trad fiddle player,

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  • Joanne Gault

    Live in Northern Ireland and play harp and piano and a bit of tin whistle.

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