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  • Tom Humphries

    From Chesterfield UK, play accordion, guitar

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  • LBar


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  • Ben Hawes

    Live in Plympton. Play melodeon for pleasure and for Plymouth Morris.

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  • Sally Byrd

    I am teaching myself the tin whistle, and I would love to find a teacher to help me. I played saxophone in high school, so I can read music but I don’t really understand music. We live in both Richmond Virginia and Staunton Virginia, so I am looking for...

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  • Luiss Acuna

    I'm from Edinburgh and play a numerous amount of instruments including the pipes, sax, clarinet, bassoon, piano, guitar, and viola. I've always had an interest in writing music and thought I'd give celtic music a shot. I enjoy writing pieces with odd prop...

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  • John T Quinn 3

    Beginner on mandolin. 40+ years guitar and bass. Living Los Angeles, California USA.

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