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  • Maureen Kelly

    Long time music lover, I play guitar, banjo, a little piano and more recently violin. I live in Brisbane, Queensland.

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  • Kimo

    I am in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by experiencing Solas and Seamus Egan live 20 or so years ago, I FINALLY started playing Irish Flute. I have even had the incredible fortune of taking online lessons from Seamus, himself. Wow! I definitely need a lot ...

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  • Glaspesk

    Débutant au tin whistle j'habite a Dijon.

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  • Fred Johnston

    I'm a musician and singer for longer than I can recall, based now in Galway. Guitar and singing was my forte. I had a band called Parsons Hat for some years. I played in Galway since the hey-days of Mrs Cullen's famous pub in Foster Street; I was very sa...

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