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  • mrnjue

    am from kenya and I play the recorder

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  • Maria Quigley

    fambles music there every friday they are very talented

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  • Carole Bandy

    I live in New England and I play the fiddle in two Trad sessions. One plays strictly Scottish and the other plays the North Atlantic repertoire.

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  • TGuise

    I'm from the Quad-Cities (Iowa side of the Mississippi River). I play bodhran and a wee bit of whistle, mandolin, and guitar.

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  • Narciso Simón

    I am from the northwest of Spain. My country is Galicia. I play the accordion but I am a bad musician. I like Irish music almost as much as Galicia's

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  • Anna Kinde

    Hi! I live in Budapest, Hungary, and I play the fiddle :)

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  • Elaine Gruninger

    Hi I am returning to violin after not playing for 50 years joined a fiddle group and am having fun.

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