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  • Jim Corcoran

    I am a percussionist and I live in Southeastern Kentucky. I grew up on Maui, HI until I was 15. Currently, I am learning to play Bodhran. It's a slow process, but I think I am making a little progress. I am looking forward to learning some tunes!

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  • John Barber

    I'm from near Ashbourne in Derbyshire, and I play flute, whistle, recorder, melodeon, and saxophones.

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  • Arle Lommel

    Originally from Alaska, I play various bagpipes (primarily Hungarian duda and Northumbrian smallpipes) and hurdy-gurdy.

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  • Liz Cartwright

    I'm from Idaho and I play trad and Celtic cello.

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  • Neil Cowan

    Whistle learner with GFW Glasgow

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  • Adam Clarkson


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