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  • Pieter Wattel joined 23 minutes ago
  • Stanley Plant

    From Colorado. I play multiple stringed instruments with focus on guitar, banjo, and bouzouki.

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  • Bob Simmons

    Hi there guys. I live in Faversham, Kent in the UK, quite close to Canterbury. Before Covid there was a thriving live music scene, a few years ago there was The Penny Theatre in Canterbury, and The Bear public house in Faversham. Every September there i...

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  • kenny gray

    Carluke South Lanarkshire taken back up accordian after 30 odd years..

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  • Gary Hastings

    Erstwhile flute player.

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  • Kenda Vaughan

    I play the piano and the lever harp.

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  • Klordok

    I've been playing viola for about 20 years. Classically trained. Now interested in fiddle music.

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