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  • Patrick Foley

    I am rather new to playing the 2 row button accordion, I play a 2 row McNeela Wren C#/D button accordion. I at it for the past 2 years. I from Dublin , I was born in 1946

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  • Kathleen Dimino

    I am from Hawaii. I play guitar and piano (not well yet). And... want to learn how to play the harp

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  • Patrick Raftery

    I am from county Galway and I love listening to Irish traditional music. I do not play an instrument.

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  • Thom Moore

    I’m from Philadelphia, PA, and I’ve played the highland bagpipes for over 40 years. I’m a professionally trained bassoonist, as well, with significant experience on oboe and English horn. I’ve started the uilleann pipe 6 times in my life but I’v...

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  • karly

    UK, concertina

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  • Joan Collins joined 4 hours ago
  • Duncan Fleming

    Canadian mandolin/ fiddle player, looking for abc player, for iOS iPad

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  • Adrien_LeLuthier joined 8 hours ago
  • Lindy Wineman

    I am from England originally, play guitar 6 and 12 string and penny whistle. I play in a Christian rock band and am a grandma too!

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  • Tako


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