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  • Michael Kiese

    Born and raised in Hawaii. I am a US Army Band Veteran, guitar is my main instrument. My wife Suzie is also a US Army Band Veteran, and she is a flautist.

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  • peta

    I’m from Germany and play guitar, mandolin, banjo and a bit of bouzouki - but not as often as I would like anymore.

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    i play fiddle kind of mediacre but i wanrt to be good . wanyt to learn heaps of scottish and irish fiddle tunes plus some cape breton and blue grass

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  • Bill Babson

    Hi , I’m from Aspen Hill Maryland and have hosted jam sessions in my family room for 20 years or so. I play mostly mid-western and Appalachian old-time and country rags, but love the scottish and irish tunes also.

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  • Gabrielle kundert

    Living in Pennsylvania

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