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  • vestastudiodesigngom joined 5 hours ago
  • Ted Garvin

    Planning on learning the Scottish smallpipes.

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  • Olivia Dunn

    Nashville, Tennessee

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  • Gerry Quinlan

    Im a Dub from Tipperary and I like a bit of banjo

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  • Sarah Coleman

    I’m from Kent in the UK and I play the recorder and tin whistle. I’ve taken the recorder back up after many years and am still learning

    joined 19 hours ago
  • Pablo S.

    I’m from A Coruña, Spain, and I play the guitar and I’m starting with the mandolin! I also make instruments!

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  • Nick Phillips

    North of England

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  • Ian Rist

    From London, Live at Leonay N.S.W. Australia. Anglo concertina.

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  • Possum123

    Hello all!

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