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  • Catherine Hunt

    Violin, NJ.

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  • Douglas Andrus

    Hi I’m originally from central Utah. I play at Baritone Uke , Mountain Dulcimer, Flute, Piano, Trombone, and Baritone. Come from a musical family brothers and sisters all payed instruments. Getting old now and this Covid thing has been a real trip.

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  • SteveDave Jones

    I whistle. A lot.

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  • Deborah Gibson

    Originally from Avis, PA but currently live in Jersey Shore, PA. I do not play an instrument but love traditional Irish tunes. And love hearing it live!

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  • AubreyC

    I'm from the USA and l play the violin.

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  • Gail allred

    I play dulcimer and bowed dulcimer

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