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  • Kenny B. Andersen

    I am a 74-year-old resident of Ashland, OR enjoying retirement. As a life-long lover of traditional folk music, I play hammered dulcimer, guitar and I have been playing fiddle for about six months. I hang out with the experienced Celtic tune masters who g...

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  • Cloudling

    Olympia, WA based musician. Specializing in mandolin family instruments, playing mostly Irish and Scottish traditional as well as neofolk.

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  • Pat French

    I'm from Waterford , dont play any instruments but very interested in Traditional music

    joined 13 hours ago
  • Tyger Bailey joined 15 hours ago
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  • Jeff Rappaport

    From New Jersey, USA. I've been playing guitar for 30+ years. Three years ago I started mandolin and I seem to really like Irish tunes.

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  • brendan lacey joined 19 hours ago
  • gigides

    Living in Munich, play violin and guitar

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  • Michelle Ruopp

    I'm from Hillsborough NH and play violin. I'm classically trained, and newly getting involved in the fiddle world.

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  • Benpiv joined 23 hours ago