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  • Phil Dwyer

    I'm first generation Irish American. My dad was from Kerry, my mom from Galway. I've made numerous trips to Ireland & am related to half the country 🙂

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  • Andrew Bryant

    I am over 60. I am from East Sussex and live in Newhaven. I can play a guitar, learnt descant recorder at school, and I am taking violin lessons. I also have an electronic organ.

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  • JSB01

    KC Fiddler

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  • stephanie hosler

    Non binary violin player from Narrm, Australia.

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    I am a small writer, poet, lyricist, harmonium player. I have written a book 'Ireland is beautiful' of sweet singers of Eire. I have written 1121 books, 70,000 songs, 800 paintings, known 123 languages. Limca book of records on 5.5.2008 World Records on ...

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  • Custodio

    I'm from Brazil.

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  • don ferries

    Hi Don here...

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  • Catherine Keating

    hi I am trying to learn to play the 3 row Diatonic Accordion. I cannot read music I would be grateful I could get some tunes with letters so I could get started off.

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