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  • Heidi Rigert

    I live in Tulsa Oklahoma and play violin and piano with an Irish/folk band named Finnegan's Awake. I say violin because fiddling is something I came into as an adult. I want to learn the bowings and stylistic nuances of Irish fiddle music.

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  • Michael Koopman


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  • Jim aughney

    I’m a bodhran and tin whistle player who sings also. I cannot yet perform all three together

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  • Claire D

    I'm from Portland, Oregon and moved to Aberdeen. The Blue Lamp was my home and the place where I learned about traditional music. I play guitar and I am learning the tenor banjo. Some notable musical inspirations are Bob Dylan, Johnny Flynn, Bonnie Raitt,...

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  • BillyW

    Hello, My name is Billy. I live in Florida and I teach elementary music. I have a Masters in Ethnomusicology and I developed a game to play with my students in which they move around the room according to what the music is telling them. If I'm in a meter ...

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  • marinatedpete

    I play banjo, guitar, mandolin.

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  • Ilya

    Podolsk, Russia.

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  • claude lushman

    grey river i play guitar and accordian

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  • Sean Copson

    I'm from Leicestershire and play fiddle in a local Ceilidh Orchestra.

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