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  • Edith Sanderson

    Semi Pro musician for 50 years.

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  • Jim Dalton

    Irish tenor banjo and mando player living in Australia.

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  • Matwawn joined 15 hours ago
  • fidilpat

    am from Franklin Louisiana, cajun country. don't play cajun music though. have played a fair amount of old time, but pretty much play irish, anymore. enough there to last a lifetime of fiddle study,,,

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  • Tracey Muir

    From the Orkney Isles,living in glasgow Fiddle player

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  • Joshua Lowe

    I am from Long Beach, CA; I have been playing Irish/Scottish folk tunes and American folk for about 25 years (weird, you'd think I'd be better...). I have been playing guitar since the mid '80s, but only just picked up the Irish Bouzouki in the last year ...

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  • Judy Olmstead-O'Regan

    I play violin in the Classical style and am exploring new styles and tunes.

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  • Stephanie Jordan joined 20 hours ago
  • Alisa Wright

    I am an eternal optimist with a perpetual smile, living in California, USA. I grew up on the beaches of Central California and I think the sound of the ocean will forever be a part of me. My dad lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has been playing t...

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  • John Smotherman

    Living in South Florida, USA

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